Personalized Back Bibs - In Memory and In Honor

We are sorry to report that the company that offered printed back bibs in past years is no longer offering that service. 


But we've got you covered! Personalized "Memorial" and "In Honor of" back bibs can be made by hand before or after the race on race day (June 13, 2020). Visit the "Memorial Wreath Table" in the Expo area in front of the bandshell or the Back Bib table in to the east of the Pavilion.

And, of course, we encourage you to make back bibs, signs, banners, wreaths and whatever you would like to honor a woman (or caregiver!) 


Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance

1777 S. Bellaire St., Suite 170, Denver, CO 80222

Race Director: Jeanene Smith

Tel: 720-971-9436

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