Memorial Wreaths

Jodi's Race was created to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and has grown to be so much more. Celebrating survivors and caregivers, and honoring the 220 Colorado women we lose every year to the disease are all a part of this special day. 

If you want to honor a loved one, we encourage you to create a Memorial Wreath that will be hung along the start / finish line of the race. These wreaths serve as a reminder of why we all work hard to raise awareness every day of the year.


There are several options for making a wreath:

  1. You can purchase any type of wreath you'd like at a craft store (for instance, Michael's or JoAnn's). Most people typically use 12" grapevine wreaths. Then you just decorate it in any way you'd like! Many wreaths include a picture of the loved one, perhaps artificial flowers, maybe items that represent things they loved. For instance, one year we had a golf themed wreath. It's totally up to you. Then you bring the wreath to the memorial wreath table on race day morning and they'll hang it on the fence for you.

  2. We also have plain wreaths available in the weeks before the race that you can pick up at our office (1777 S. Bellaire Street, Suite 170, Denver) for a donation of $5 (about the same price as what you'd pay at a craft store). Again, you decorate and bring your wreath to the race and we'll hang it for you.

  3. Or, wreaths are available on race day morning and we have supplies to make wreaths on the spot.


We encourage people to take their wreath home with them after the end of the race (we have very little storage room at our office).

"In honor of my sister, Glenda, who fought the battle and never gave up hope even to the very end as she spent the night with her family. She had dignity, faith, hope, and courage... she was our angel!"

                       - S.T.


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