Security and Safety at Jodi's Race

The safety of every Jodi's Race participant is of the upmost importance to us!

Our committee has created a detailed security and safety plan and have shared that plan with local Police, Fire, EMT and Emergency Management personnel. 

On race day, mobile EMTs (on bicycles) are on hand on the race course as well as at the finish line to assist anyone experiencing a medical issue or emergency. First Aid is also available at our Information Tent near registration check in. 

Police and EMT personnel are on site during the entire event.  

Our volunteers and staff are all informed of emergency protocols and key personnel are trained to take action in the event of an emergency.


The Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance (COCA) and Jodi's Race and all vendors and contractors will be complying with restrictions set in place by the City of Denver and State of Colorado as of June 12, 2021.

When you register for the in-person Jodi's Race, you consent to the following "social contract":

"In consideration of my entry into Jodi's Race for Awareness, I hereby agree to and understand the following rules and regulations.

I agree that I will not be allowed to participate in or attend the event if any of the following apply:

  1. I have been in contact with an individual infected with COVID-19 within the last 14 days.

  2. I have been in close contact within the last 14 days with an individual suspected of being infected with COVID-19, including individuals exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.

  3. I am currently experiencing, or have experienced in the past 14 days, fever, cough, or shortness of breath.

  4. I have traveled to an area that is under Level 2, 3, or 4 travel advisories by the U.S. State Department.

  5. I understand and assume all risks that despite all safety precautions, I may still be exposed to possible infection of COVID-19 or other communicable diseases.

  6. I will comply with social distancing requirements and will maintain social distancing of 6-feet or more from other individuals at all times, except when running or walking in the event.

  7. I will maintain proper and safe social distances as best as I can when running or walking in the event.

  8. As a participant, I will wear a face covering at all times except, if I wish, when running or walking in the event.

  9. As a vendor, volunteer, or event staff, I will wear a face covering at all times.  I will wear protective gloves when and if I am coming into contact with any items that are provided to participants and when sanitizing/cleaning.

  10. I understand that I may congregate with members I have been sheltering with, but no more than 10.

  11. I will abide and follow all rules and instructions by official event and COCA staff.

  12. I understand that failure to adhere to these regulations may and will result in my not being allowed to participate in and remain at the event, and I will not be entitled to any refund of registration or other such fees if paid for attending the event."